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ISMapper  - Enterprise Architecture software for legacy systems

Many organizations find it difficult, if not impossible, to gain understanding from their asset. Often, this is not because they lack information about their processes, and portfolios. Rather, it is because this information is locked in proprietary silos that make it difficult to understand how the various types of information relate to each other, and to IT and business processes.
EBS ISMapper© software is a non-intrusive solution that automatically extracts the knowledge of the business process and its associated resource. It is very focused on giving customers information that is complete, accurate, contextual and current.
EBS ISMapper© empowers organisation to make better and faster decisions while planning divestments, mergers & acquisitions or new business services development operations. Implementing this platform will result in quickly identifying the key areas of cost savings and architectural improvement in line with the enterprise's objectives.
EBS ISMapper© solution enables you to automatically document, visualize and extract business processes activity from your entire legacy applications resulting in a thorough understanding of the cause-effect relationships between business processes and the systems and technology that support them.
Support for Enterprise Architecture
  • Align business and IT: An enterprise has a real opportunity for true alignment of business and technology. Enterprise visibility and the resulting business and IT alignment are the foundation for true enterprise agility.
  • Impact Analysis: See the full cascading effects of possible decisions on business logic and data representation.
  • Regain Assets control: Leverage legacy application assets by establishing the direct mapping from process activities to implementable service components.


Integrated Repository – EBS ISMapper© Software provides coverage for IT that spans all the dimensions of the application such as process, information, communication and technology.

Legacy technology – EBS ISMapper© Software allows most of the application legacy objects to be recognized in its meta-model. The legacy objects such as JAVA, C, Oracle, CICS, IMS, COBOL, Natural, PL/1, VSAM, DB2, Oracle, JCL, Script and others flow management objects are imported in the integrated repository. Additional objects can be created to extend the application knowledge.

Production analyzer – EBS ISMapper© Software includes dynamic production process analyzer. They enable you to understand the processes that are really use in production by the business users. Those real time processes provides accurate and contextual information on how users use the applications and what are the exact data exchange between heterogeneous applications.

Simulation and Analytics – EBS ISMapper© Software is a special type of modeler that allows you to view and manage all objects and links in the integrated repository. This is achieved by selecting a given object and progressively disclosing selected associations to other objects in the notebook using the neighborhood function. Models by nature reflect a given view within a given context. The navigator enables you to traverse objects and associations across a wider context than the models where they reside.


Data Exchange and Translator – EBS ISMapper© Data Exchanges allows you to import and export business logic models with other popular tools. EBS ISMapper© Software supports a number of point-to-point Data Exchanges with specific software tools such as: OpenText®, Rational Software Architect®, Visio®, MS Project® and Accesstm. There are also a number of standards-based Data Exchanges available for: XML, XMI, BPEL and WSDL.

EBS ISMapper© Software translator function enables you to export models and objects to tabular file formats, such as MS Excel®, Microsoft Word®, comma-separated value (.csv) files, and XML files.