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EBS launches new Enterprise Architecture suite for legacy systems.

New Enterprise Architecture software helps CIOs make more informed strategic decisions by understanding better their legacy business process's.
Paris (20 Oct 2013) - European Business Solutions (EBS), the global leader in Enterprise Application modernization, today launched EBS ISMapper© Enterprise Architecture Suite software aimed at helping companies gain clear line-of-sight into existing legacy systems and the business process actually being used.
ISMapper© is a non-intrusive solution that automatically extracts the knowledge of the business process and its associated resource. It is very focused on giving customers information that is complete, accurate, contextual and current.
ISMapper© empowers organisation to make better and faster decisions while planning divestments, mergers & acquisitions or new business services development operations. Implementing this platform will result in quickly identifying the key areas of cost savings and architectural improvement in line with the enterprise’s objectives.
EBS ISMapper© solution enables you to automatically document, visualize and extract business processes activities performed in your entire legacy applications resulting in a thorough understanding of the cause-effect relationships between business processes and the systems and technology that support them.
ISMapper© features the following:
  • Leverage legacy application assets by establishing the direct mapping from process activities to implementable service components knocking down the information silos between Business and IT,
  • Support for major legacy application technologies; including JAVA, Oracle, C/C++, CICS, IMS DB-DC, NATURAL, COBOL, PL/1, DB2, VSAM, Adabas,....,
  • Supports most legacy schedulers such as; OPC, CA-TNG, CORTEX, CTRL-M, $UNIVERSE, VTOM, $Universe,
  • Extensive interfaces to populate Entreprise Architecture tools such as OpenText®, Casewise®, …,
  • Supports standards-based Data Exchanges such as; for XML, XMI, BPEL and WSDL.

EBS is a major player and a full service provider of legacy migration, modernization, and Enterprise Architecture solutions. Drawing on over 12 years of experience, EBS recognizes that companies have significant investments in core applications and procedures and provides a wealth of low risk, high value tools, technology, and services to reduce IT costs without sacrificing current functionality and service level agreements. Headquartered in Paris, France, EBS has customers in several major countries, including some of the largest financial services, Fortune class end users and public sector.

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