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EBS unveils Universal Tables Management software for mainframe modernisation
Paris ( Nov 18th, 2012) - European Business Solutions (EBS) announced new software to help businesses improve data governance and market responsiveness by accelerating legacy transformation initiatives for Windows- and .NET managed-code environments. This new software, EBS Universal Table Management (UTMOS) is part of the company's IT modernization suite.
EBS UTMOS gives the enterprise the ability to manage and access various legacy data storage in an unified format. The software extends and enhances the value of applications from a mix of server environments, including IBM mainframes, Linux, UNIX, and Microsoft Windows-based systems by safely complying with high security levels and SOX2 regulation.
For organizations looking to offload mainframe business services to open system, the software will make the migration process transparent with limited change of code.
UTMOS features are the following :
  • Enables maintenance and administration of tables in a heterogeneous environment,
  • Increases the performance of accessing tables in a ratio 1:6,
  • Authorizes multiple Application languages to access to tables (Natural, Cobol, C, Java),
  • Supports various storage such as Oracle, UDB, DB2, Adabas, VSAM, C-ISAM),
  • Facilitates the Spitab© and DPT© legacy migration on open systems,
  • Supports multiple code pages through various web browser,
  • Increases users productivity through an intuitive interface.

EBS is a major player and a full service provider of legacy migration, modernization, and optimization solutions. Drawing from over 12 years of experience, EBS recognizes that companies have significant investments in core applications and procedures and provides a wealth of low risk, high value tools, technology, and services to reduce IT costs without sacrificing current functionality and service level agreements. Headquartered in Paris, France, EBS has customers in several major countries, including some of the largest financial services, Fortune class end users and public sector.

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