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October    2013

A EBS launches new Entreprise Architecture suite for legacy systems. (Press Release)...

December 2012

The Agence Française de Développement and EBS complete the first phase of IT modernization to an agile architecture.(Press Release)...

June 2012

EBS improve the replacement of DPT and SPITAB table management with the Universal Table Management System software achieving awesome performances (Press Release)...

November 2011

EBS enhances its COBOL auditing packwith the CICS Online extension.

June 2011

L’Agence The Agence Française de Développement (AFD) choose EBS to modernize its accounting critical applications.

December 2010

A large insurance group completes the migration of a life insurance package with EBS replacing a 1200 Mips IBM mainframe.

September 2010

EBS is selected by a large financial institute to perform a pilot migration fro Natural/Adabas to Cobol/Oracle.

June 2010

EBS enhances its data migration offer with the migration of Adabas to Oracle.

April 2010

EBS enhances its Application Migration portfolio by announcing the JavaToCobol suite.

October 2009

EBS is selected by a key insurance player to replatform mainframe legacy applications to open System.

September 2009

A leading European car manufacturer selected EBS to evaluate the benefit of urbanizing mainframe critical applications.

March 2009

A French banking consortium and EBS have completed the migration of a critical CICS application IMS.

January 2009

One of the leading retailer in France selected EBS to analyze the Application urbanization strategy for its mainframe back-end.

January 2006

A leading Insurance company in middle east chooses EBS to evaluate the benefit of moving critical application from Mainframe to open system.

October 2002

The CNAM in France selected EBS to define the methodology and migration process for its central system to open system.